Further information on the new Basketball England Membership Portal

Following on from June’s announcement that our new membership portal will go live at 10:00am on Tuesday 30 July, we have another instalment of information and assistance to get all our members get ready for the 2019/20 season.

In our previous release, we talked about a number of tools that members can use when the new portal goes live. These included:

  • A “test site” for people to try
  • Video walk-throughs
  • Step-by-step PDF guides
  • FAQs
  • Regional drop-in sessions.
  • Facebook live sessions

We’re now ready to tell you everything there is to know about the list above, and to provide all members with the ability to get hands on with the new membership portal itself! We’ve also got a dedicated section on our website purely for our new membership portal and all the links and information below will be available through our main website.

Don't forget, in 2019/20 the new Membership Portal will involve individual registrations, rather than having a club secretary or registrar sign up multiple people. This means every individual who wishes to be a Basketball England member will be required to sign on to the membership portal.

The Test Site

In order to prepare members for the new portal, we’ve created a test version of the portal itself for people to use and practice on.

To be clear, no data will be saved from the test portal, and none of the memberships created will be carried over to the 2019/20 season.

This is purely a test site so that our members can become familiar with the look and feel of the new portal, carry out a practice sign up alongside our video walk-throughs or PDF guides, and be comfortable with the data required to register for real on the 30 July.

The test site can be accessed using the button below and it will go offline at Tuesday 23 July at midnight. We’ll then take the feedback from this test site to make any final improvements changes to the portal before launch.

Our test site and membership portal are usable on smart devices, but we do recommend that the first time you use them, you do so on a desktop or laptop computer.

If at any point during your experimentation with the test portal you are asked to make a payment, you can use the test card details available from the button below:

Video Walk-throughs

In order to help all our members register, we’ve created a number of short online videos that show and discuss the various sections and processes involved with our new portal. These videos can be used alongside both the test site as well as the main portal once it goes live, and they can be found by clicking the button below

Step by Step PDF Guides

As well as online videos, we’ve also created a set of PDF guides to the most common processes in the new membership portal. To access these PDFs, please use the buttons below:


While the test site is live, and in the early stages of the membership portal itself, there may be questions that members have that aren’t covered by our videos and PDF guides. We’re currently creating a comprehensive list of FAQs that relate to everything from why we’re creating a new portal, all the way through registering as a local league or national league member. We’ll use the initial feedback from the test site to populate some sections of the FAQ, so they’ll be online soon.

Regional Drop-in Sessions

We want all our members across the country to feel happy and comfortable with the new membership portal. We’re going to be hitting the road in August once the portal is live to speak to our members face-to-face about how the system works, help them complete their registrations for 2019/20 and answer any questions people may have.

At present, we have eight sessions confirmed in Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bury, Reading, Kent and London. We’re hoping to double that number and confirm the details of all sessions by early next week.

Facebook Live sessions

August can be pretty hectic. Between school holidays, trips away and sorting pre-season, it can be a tricky time to make sure you’re free to attend one of the regional drop in sessions. That’s why in August we’ll be hosting a Facebook Live session for our members to use no matter where they are in the world. If there’s good demand, we’ll run more session for people to access.

We’ll go through the process of registering, adding someone to a club and team and much more whilst fielding questions from members that need help along the way. We’ll have details on this session next week.


Finally, we really want your feedback once you’ve had a chance to use the membership test site and make use of the tools we’ve provided to help people register. If you have any thoughts on the new system, the help videos and FAQs, or if you’ve spotted any issues with the new system, please use the button below to email us.