Important Safeguarding and Welfare updates ahead of the 2019/20 season

Safeguarding and Welfare really matters in basketball.

There are some critical updates on change of requirements and how we are making the game better and safer for 2019/20 that all members need to be aware of.

Firstly, we would like to inform members about some improvements we are making to the sport’s safeguarding practice and news of the standards within the game.

We are also seeking to support our members more with a wider range of options to access affordable safeguarding training.

Some of these adjustments will require your club to do a few things differently and it’s part of the necessary evolution of the practice we all need to adopt in the sport to keep up with changes in society, the law and the need for Basketball England to support and protect its members – whether its young people/vulnerable adults or volunteer and paid practitioners.

Some changes need to be made immediately for this year. Others we will be looking to phase-in going forward, but we will offer more support along the way for all members and clubs throughout this process.

Below we have a button that will take you to our dedicated page for safeguarding and welfare information you need to be aware of.

We hope the page helps you prepare for a safe, enjoyable and successful season.

Highlights on the page:

  • Basketball England has been awarded a ‘good’ rating for safeguarding. This reflects well on the sport and what you do locally. The CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit) have advised on the need to further embed good practice locally.
  • Gradual improvements to be implemented on broader matters relating to duty of care.
  • The obligations to get DBS clearance and support and allow clubs to get up to speed for the season is explained in more depth.
  • Improving protection and welfare with a better definition of ‘bench personnel’ and the requirements for a DBS check.
  • A new membership portal will help the record keeping and evidence support for members, further improving the governance of good safeguarding practice at all levels in the game.
  • Introduction of more flexible arrangements for people to access affordable training. Also, we are signalling an intention to review the training available and provide additional training and support that is relevant to basketball.
  • FAQ’s to help you get ready for the season and further advice on courses.