Successful Aspire Programme gears up for year 2

After a highly successful first year of the Aspire Programme, capped off by a fantastic national tournament showcasing the best talent from across the country, its time to start year two.

Aspire is the first step in the England Development pathway and puts the best 11-15-year olds from all 10 Basketball England regions into an environment of quality coaching, focused on the principles of basketball.

The players that have now moved on from the Aspire programme will continue their development in our Academy Leagues or the NBL as they progress further along the talent pathway.

Steve Bucknall, Basketball England's Performance and Technical Manager shared his excitement: "It's great to begin the Aspire Programme again in October and continue to build upon the success of last year. We are continuing to evolve and provide players with quality teaching practices and a great learning environment tailored to the needs of player development.

"We are also collaborating and working alongside more club coaches this year to achieve our full potential in the programme. There is a growing culture of high expectation being fostered through the development of the Aspire Programme. There are also positive relationships being fused between players, coaches and parents, which is the vision for our basketball community."

The Aspire dates for the upcoming season are as follows:

Aspire Dates:

  • October 27th – Aspire Session 1
  • November 24th – Aspire Session 2
  • December 22nd – Aspire Session 3
  • January 5th – Aspire Session 4
  • February 20th - Aspire National Conference
  • February 23rd – Aspire Session 5
  • March 15th – Aspire Session 6
  • May 24th – Aspire Session 7
  • June 14th – Aspire Session 8

Aspire Player Nomination Form

If a club wishes to nominate age appropriate players for the Aspire Programme, please complete the Wufoo form from the button below. 

Please ensure that before your referral you have spoken to the player, as well as the player’s parents or guardians about the Aspire Programme and have received consent to share their contact information with Basketball England. If consent is not obtained, Basketball England will refuse the referral until the parents or guardians have consent to it.

*Players who were in the Aspire Programme last year will be contacted shortly, only players who wish to be considered for a first time need to send a nomination form. 

Please note that the nomination form will close on Wednesday 23rd October, 4pm and will re-open on Monday 28th October, 10am.