Basketball England launch new Customer Service Charter and CRM system

To further develop the service that Basketball England provides to members, we have introduced a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform which will help to improve internal processes, organisational performance and ultimately enhance the experience that the basketball community has when interacting with us. 

Linked to the launch of the CRM, we have also created a Customer Service Charter that outlines what our members can expect when communicating with us, how we will deal with different queries and the expected time frames for receiving a response.

Fundamentally, the CRM allows us to acknowledge and resolve queries that we receive through email, phone or Facebook Messenger by setting clear expectations and time frames for completion.

In addition, the CRM includes a customer satisfaction function which allows us the opportunity to assess the service we are giving on a real time basis, allowing for changes to be made to rectify any common trends. 

The new NBL season is provisionally scheduled to begin on 3/4 October 2020.

Our Customer Service Charter

Basketball England services more than 33,000 members and more than 700 clubs, in addition to many other customers and stakeholders who are involved in the sport.  

As a membership organisation, our customers are at the heart of everything we do and adhering to high standards of customer care is very important to us. 

This Customer Service Charter sets out the service people can expect as a customer and member of Basketball England. Our aim is to provide services as effectively and efficiently as possible for all of our customers. 

We will: 

  • Respond to all enquiries promptly, efficiently and accurately  
  • Communicate clearly and effectively 
  • Be polite and professional via all means of communication  
  • Treat all of our customers with respect and dignity  
  • Apologise if we get things wrong and explain what we will do about it 

With the new season fast approaching, we hope that both our new Charter and the introduction of a cutting-edge CRM system will continue our work in striving to be "A High-Performing NGB" as detailed in our six-year plan, Growing Basketball Together 2018-2024.

Basketball England's Interim Chief Operating Officer Charlie Ford said: "As detailed in our Strategic Plan, we have the ambition to becoming a ‘High Performing NGB’.

"Central to this ambition is a commitment to understanding and continuously enhancing the support we provide to everyone in the basketball community.

"Our CRM system and Customer Charter provide a big step forward for the organisation and will allow us to proactively change the services we provide, how and when we provide support, and how we can work in the best interests of our members to drive the sport forward."

If you have any questions regarding our new CRM system, or our Customer Service Charter, please get in touch with us using the button below.

Main image credit - Luke Simcock