Writtle University College creates the UK’s first bespoke 3x3 basketball courts

Writtle University College in Essex has created the first bespoke 3x3 courts in the UK. 

3x3 basketball is a rapidly growing sport across the world, as well as a new addition to the upcoming Olympics and the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. WUC is the first higher education institution to truly invest in the modern, fast-paced sport. 

Six floodlit courts will be located within the current playing fields, including a ‘show-court’ centrepiece, with bold and vibrant colours, designed by artist Molly Hawkins; this area has been designed with 3x3 events and tournaments in mind.  

An additional four courts will be based in the centre of the campus, offering opportunities for 3x3 camps and training. The training courts will have lighting systems in place for evening games. All of the courts will have the latest MegaSlam hoop systems in place, which can be lowered to provide playing opportunities for children. 

The project supports a wider strategy at WUC to increase opportunities for students and the community, while promoting inclusivity in sport.  

Dr Gregory Deacon, WUC’s Head of Sport, said:

“This is an exciting time for WUC as we boldly move into a modern era for the university and marks a significant evolution of our offering.” 

“3x3 is a fast-growing, popular sport and we’re proud to create and host the UK’s first ever bespoke 3x3 courts. It’s the first of many fantastic projects and will help us to support students, athletes and the local community by moving towards an inclusive, forward-thinking future. We also look forward to opening our newly developed Centre for Exercise and Health.” 

Martin Dyan, 3x3 basketball consultant and Founder of The GG3x3, the UK’s largest non-profit 3x3 basketball community platform, said:

“There is an ever increasing demand for 3x3 events and facilities, particularly in the UK. It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at WUC, to support and share its vision for 3x3.  

"The sport is growing and we should be investing in it as much as possible. The quality of the offering here at Writtle will set the tone for universities, schools and sporting bodies who want to take part in the growth of the game across the country.” 

The new courts are an exciting addition to WUC’s existing sporting facilities and will be open to members of the public or clubs via private bookings. The University College has a vast countryside estate. It features a gym, extensive playing fields, equestrian facilities, bike trails, sports fields, indoor courts and a reservoir with potential for further outdoor sporting activities.  

Latest this year, the new Centre for Exercise and Health will replace the former Sports Science Centre to deliver community-based projects and offer students more space and a wider range of the latest sporting technology. The rapidly growing sports department will be announcing further projects during 2021.