COVID-19 update: How latest Government rule changes affect basketball

Basketball England has refreshed guidance to support the basketball community following the Government’s latest changes to COVID-19 rules, starting from 27 January.   

It has been announced that individuals will not be required to wear a face coverings by law, but the Government suggests people should continue to wear one in crowded and indoor spaces. 

BE guidance will continue to encourage the wearing of masks inside venues and that good hygiene practices should be maintained. 

There is also no longer a legal requirement to show an NHS COVID Pass at venues and events by law, although some venues by still demand this. 

BE appreciates the effort and patience required from all in the basketball family to adapt to changing Government rules and urges our affiliated clubs and partner organisations to continue to adopt a flexible and responsible approach, working with venue operators, that enables as many people as possible to play the sport safely.   

The BE guidance remains built on three simple principles:   

  • If you feel unwell, stay at home and get tested  
  • What can individuals do? Wear a mask, follow hygiene guidance, social distance  
  • What can clubs do? Test, screen, sound venue hygiene/management