Tri-Nations: England U14 teams take on Scotland, & Wales - scores and picture gallery

England's U14 enjoyed a successful weekend at the Tri-Nations tournament at the Regional Performance Centre, Dundee.

Two England Girls and two Boys teams picked up seven wins between them on Day 1 on Saturday and another trio of victories on Day 2 on Sunday.

The competition brought together England, Scotland and Wales to play across three days of basketball action.

Although there was a wide gulf to some of England's wins, the clashes with Scotland provided some closer contests with the hosts inflicting England's only defeat when Scotland 1 pipped England 2 by a point late on Saturday.   

Sterling Muschett led the U14 Boys team, with Steven Lindsey overseeing the U14 Girls programme as the event started with some Friday night rounds of 3x3..

England results


ENGLAND BOYS 1 122-18 Wales 2
ENGLAND GIRLS 2 75-24 Scotland 2
ENGLAND BOYS 2 98-23 Scotland 2 
ENGLAND GIRLS 1 91-12 Wales
ENGLAND GIRLS 2 42-36 Scotland 1
ENGLAND GIRLS 1 104-16 Scotland 2
ENGLAND BOYS 2 76-77 Scotland 1
ENGLAND BOYS 1 102-76 Wales 1


ENGLAND BOYS 1 76-57 Scotland 1
ENGLAND BOYS 2 127-13 Wales 2
ENGLAND GIRLS 59-25 Scotland 1