Adult basketball participation in England back to pre-pandemic levels

Sport England’s latest Active Lives Adult Survey has shown that basketball has seen activity levels return to pre-COVID-19 numbers.

The latest survey covers November 2021 to November 2022 and is the first report from a period without any COVID-19 restrictions.

Basketball participation numbers are up 57,000 in England compared with November 2020-November 2021, and up over 10,000 compared with November 2018-November 2019, the last report with a full year of data that had no interruptions due to COVID-19.

The total number of adults aged 16+ playing basketball at least twice in a 28-day period is now nearly 300,000.

The gender split recorded was almost 2:1 (213,600 males) and (74,200 females).

However, participation is still down compared with the November 2015 – November 2016 report – the first ever Active Lives Adult Survey – where over 325,000 adults were playing basketball twice a month.

Sport England reported that the overall number of people playing sport and getting active had recovered post-pandemic, ‘with 63.1% of the population (29.1 million) meeting the Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines of doing 150 minutes, or more, of moderate intensity physical activity a week’.

Additionally, the number of adults who volunteered, ie given up their time to support sport and physical activity in the last 12 months, had increased by 2.3 million compared to 2020-2021.

All data is estimates from the Active Lives Adult Survey.




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