Aspire Super Region initial players lists confirmed

The first round of Aspire Super Region camps is under way and initial player lists have now been announced.

Some of the country’s best young talent comes together on the road to the All Star National Tournament. Players at U13 and U15 level for boys and girls have been selected from the Aspire Regional Skills Camps and will attend four groups of sessions in the North, Central, London and South Super Regions.  

Each camp will be made up of six days of activity, from which selections will then be made for the teams which will take part in the All Star National Tournament at the National Basketball Performance Centre, Manchester from Friday 7 July to Sunday 9 July. 

The Super Regions are defined as follows: 

  • North – North East, North West, Yorkshire regions 
  • Central – East Midlands, South West, West Midlands regions 
  • London – London region (North & South) 
  • South – East, South, South East regions 

Activity got under way in the South and London last week but there is plenty more to come there and across the country.

Squad lists are subject to change as the sessions progress, and players from skills camps can still be selected for future super region activity. Likewise, super region players can be transferred back to skills camps if required.

Super Region rosters


Remaining dates


11, 12 Apr, All Saints Sports Centre
29 May, Manchester Basketball Centre
18 Jun, All Saints Sports Centre
2 Jul, Manchester Basketball Centre

Head Coaches: Robert Park, Jake Shuttlewood, Vanessa Ellis, Natalie Feurtado
Assistant Coaches: Ryan Weir, Anthony Reed, Calvin George, Katie Lamond
Camp Director: tbc
Supporting Camp Director: tbc

Our North Super Region staff can be reached at [email protected]


All sessions at Doug Ellis Sports Centre

12, 13, 14 Apr
30 May
10, 11, 25 Jun

Head Coaches: Stephen Barnes, Emanuel Jr. Bradshaw, Gemma Salmon, Shanice Turner
Assistant Coaches: Scott Burchnall, Chris Mountford, Caitlyn Riley, Douaine Anderson
Camp Director: Wayne Brooks

Our Central Super Region Camp Director can be reached at [email protected]


All sessions at Essex Sports Arena

20, 21 May
24 Jun
2 Jul

Head Coaches: Ross Norfolk, Charlie Haynes, Nick Drane, Tor Freeman
Assistant Coaches: Mitchell Timmins, Robbie Connell, Kiely Reed, Bjorn Westman
Camp Directors: Charlotte Redhead, Sarah Goddard

Our South Super Region Camp Directors can be reached at [email protected]


11 Apr, Crest Academy
22 May, UEL
24, 25 June, UEL

Head Coaches: Stephen Onireti, Charles Vuong, Ruth Eytle, Caroline Charles 
Assistant Coaches: Michael Martin, Stephron Andrew, Marlan Henry, Jaron Thomas 
Camp Director: Ozan Ture 
Supporting Camp Director: Nikki Sealy 
Volunteer Coaches: Damien Plummer, Chanel Mubeen, Sonia Lei, Doreen St Marthe

Our London Super Region Camp Director can be reached at [email protected]

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