England quartet in U18 Four Nations All-Star Fives - Emenalo, Cholevinskas, Goodwin, Cox

Four England players made the All-Star Fives at the U18s Four Nations tournament in Cardiff - with two more on the bench.

Men's All-Star Five

England dominated the men's tournament with a clean sweep of wins and three players among top five performers

Sebastian Emenalo led all scorers with 14pts a game, also shooting a tournament high 44% from the field. For good measure, he also finished in the top ten for blocks and steals. He also led all scorers in the deciding fixture against Ireland.

Nedas Cholevinskas finished just behind his teammate in scoring, dropping 13pts a game. His all round game saw top ten finishes in rebounds, assists, steals and field goal percentage.

Completing the English triumvirate is Matthew Goodwin. He contributed 11pts a game, along with 4 assists and 2.3 steals. Goodwin also shot 66.67% from 3, to lead all shooters in this category.

Ireland’s Aivaras Uosis (13pts a game on 41% shooting, with top ten stats for rebounds, steals and blocks) and Rhys Cornelius from Wales (10pts a game, along with 7 rebounds and a 42% shooting percentage) completed the five.

Off the bench:
  • Aymen Kraria (Scotland)
  • Darryl Cuff (Ireland)
  • Robbie Gilmour (Scotland)
  • Victor Okojie (Ireland)
  • Joe Thomas (Wales)

Women's All-Star Five

England’s Katie Cox is the sole England player in the Women's five after England collected two wins from three games.

She finished with 12.7pts per game, good for fifth in scoring average. She also had top five performances in assists, steals and fouls received, and led England in scoring and rebounds in the title-decider against Ireland.

Ireland's Caitlin Glockner (21pts a game with the highest FG% and highest 3pt FG%) and Emma Tolan (15 rebounds and 4.5 steals a game, as well as averaging 3 assists and 10pts) and teammates Isobel Bunyan (20pts and 9 rebounds a game) and Daisy Porter (second in field goal percentage and averaged 13pts a game, fourth highest total) made up the starting five. 

England's Olivia Forster and Felicia Jacobs-Abiola made the bench.

Off the bench:
  • Olivia Forster (England)
  • Aoife Loftus (Scotland)
  • Orlagh Gormley (Ireland)
  • Emma Bailey (Wales)
  • Felicia Jacobs-Abiola (England)
How it works

The All-Star Starting 5 selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Overall index and statistics
  • Top ten positions in individual statistical categories for the tournament
  • Team leader in individual statistical categories
  • Match-winning performances
  • Stats compiled by Duncan Mackenzie
Re-live the games

You can watch all the games on the Basketball Wales Youtube channel

Words: Basketball Wales

Pictures: John Smith/@sameoldsmith


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