If in Doubt, Sit Them Out! Concussion in basketball update

Concussion is a risk in all sports – including basketball. 

Basketball England is currently undertaking a review of policies, practice and member advice on all aspects of medical provision for the game, including concussion protocols. 

BE has used the International Concussion Consensus statement papers first produced in 2001 and updated over the intervening period to help guide knowledge of the management of the injury. 

The most resent Consensus took place in Amsterdam in October 2022 and BE will fully assess its existing concussion guidance once the results are published. 

  • Basketball England concussion guidance can be found HERE   

The UK Government last week published guidelines for UK grassroots sport to manage concussion. Both BE’s guidance and and the Government’s are based on the principle of ‘Recognise, Remove, Recover’ and have the same message of ‘If In Doubt, Sit Them Out!  

  • UK Government concussion guidelines can be found HERE  

Government guidelines state a minimum time away from full competitive sport of 21 days for anyone with concussion playing grass roots sport. BE guidelines go a little further, recommending 23 days for under-19s. BE's guidance may change once the results of the most recent consensus are published. Members should follow the Government guidelines as a minimum and, ideally, the BE guidelines until then.   

Basketball England Chief Medical Officer Dr Dane Vishnubala said: "The safety of all players is paramount and therefore using the 'Recognise, Remove and Recover' and 'If in Doubt, Sit Them Out!' advice is key. Once the standard rest period has been achieved then a gradual return to play, following the guidance laid out, is vital to avoid overloading the recovering brain.” 

Andy Howse, BE Head of Physiotherapy and Sports Science, said: “Understanding the steps needed to return to play after recovery can be challenging. Using the guidance laid out by Basketball England, should allow players, coaches, parents the ability to work through the stages in a measured way without getting increased symptoms.” 

If you have any further questions surrounding concussion management, please forward them to supportbasketballengland.co.uk.  


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