Rebound NBL1 Team of the Week (11/12 February 2023)

Rebound's Chris Hughes is back once again with his latest NBL1 Player and Team of the Week line-up.

Chris, the All-Star organiser, content producer, YouTube host and producer, commentator and social media observer, had incredible performances wherever he looked this weekend, with four games decided by four points or less and six 100+ point team outputs.

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How it works 

Chris will pick a Player of the Week and four other selections to round out his Team of the Week, paying attention to the following criteria:

  • Efficiency  
  • Stats  
  • Team and opposition strength  
  • Periods of influence in the game 
  • Being on a winning team (exceptional performances from players on losing teams will be considered for TOTW)

Other players will also receive a shout out as honourable mentions at the bottom of the piece.

The Rebound Team of the Week

Player of the week

Aaryn Rai – Hemel Storm, forward 

26PTS (9-13FGM/8-8FTM)/17REB/7A/6TO/1S/4B/45EFF  

Rai’s 20 first-half points with numerous ‘and-one’ plays earns him this week’s honours.  

A strong performance under the basket at both ends ensured it was smooth sailing for Hemel, who went in at the break with a 32-point lead. 

The point-forward flirted with a triple double, ending only three dimes shy. Rai’s four blocks also contributed to Hemel keeping Manchester to around 60 points. 

Ricky Madison – Team Solent Kestrels, forward 

28PTS (13-22FGM)/15REB/2AST/3TO/1STL/32EFF @LOU 

In a double-header we saw a routine Madison masterclass to help his side finish a tough weekend as the fourth seeds. The forward is a tough guard in the low post using trickery to spin away from his defender multiple times as both Loughborough and Reading found to their disadvantage. 

Sunday’s clash was a three-point mismatch on paper (Reading third from 3P%, Solent 13th), but Madison, as part of a team effort, executed the gameplan through-out, ensuring Solent out-rebounded Reading and played a strong transition game. 

Madison was committed to the cause even in the final few minutes, noticeably hobbling up and down the court. 

Orlan Jackman– Worthing Thunder, forward 

30PTS (10-12FGM/5-5 3PM/5-5FTM)/6REB/4AST/2TO/3STL/39EFF V TVC 

Jackman is very unfortunate not to be this week’s Player of the Week after hitting a perfect five from beyond the arc against Thames Valley on Sunday. 

His first quarter contribution, with multiple three-point plays, helped give Worthing a 23-point lead and set the tone to ensure the win came by 18 points despite each quarter being relatively close. 

Jackman was one of the main contributors to the scoring as Worthing recorded a double-header win. 

Diogo Soares – Nottingham Hoods, guard 

10PTS (5-7FGM)/2REB/1AST/0TO/1STL/12EFF @TVC  
27PTS (10-11FGM/5-6 3PM/2-3FTM)/6REB/4AST/0TO/4STL/1BLK/40EFF V LLII 

In Sunday’s win, Soares put in a masterclass from the bench, shooting the lights out and missing only one of his 11 field goal attempts. Nottingham relied on Soares’ shooting to give them the edge, and even with both teams shooting efficiently no one shot close to Diogo’s 90FG%. 

The guard made an impact on Saturday too with his two-way playmaking performance seeing him register four assists and steals with no turnovers. 

Joshua Guddemi – Nottingham Hoods, forward 

23PTS(8-20FGM)/11REB/2AST/21EFF @ TVC 
31PTS (9-15FGM/2-5 3PM/11-17FTM)/9REB/2AST/6TO/1STL/26EFF VLLII 

In Saturday’s five-point loss, Guddemi’s 12-point contribution in the first set the Hoods on a promising start, leading to the former Derby star averaging an impressive 27p/10r/2a over a busy weekend. 

In Sunday’s win versus a young Lions, he led all scorers, shooting efficiently even under intense pressure as he was sent to the line in a game high of 17 times 

Team basketball 


Worthing completed a double-header win to continue their charge up the NBL. In Sunday’s game , they shot an amazing 61FG% and 52 3P%. The starting five contributed heavily and honourable mention goes to Andre Arissol with nine assists. 


The Kestrels put in a strong performance on the road, keeping up the tempo to ensure they were in position for Sam Akano to speed past the defence to net the winning shot on the road at Loughborough. 

On Sunday, Solent managed the game well, especially knowing that, as a team, Reading would shoot the three at a higher rate. Solent out-rebounded Reading for most of the game at a rate of two to one to give them the advantage on second-chance opportunities both ends.  

Honourable mentions 

JOSH MOORE (TNU) – 20P/10R/4A/2S/1B/18EFF  
ELIJAH BAILEY (LOU) – 30P/2R/2A/1S/28EFF V TSK & 21P/8R/2A/1B/23EFF 

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