National Development Programmes

The way we select the Under 16 and Under 18 national squad members is from our Regional Development Tournaments, where players on our U13, U15 and U17 Regional Development Programmes battle it out against all regions in the country (10) to be crowned national champions. From this we choose our national squads. We also select another group of players which have the potential to play for England, and we think it is worth investing some of our amazing coaches’ time and efforts into to help them get there. If picked, we will give you experience of the national programme, and even play in international will then go back into the U15 and U17 Regional Development Programme and again play in the regional tournament so you can hopefully get picked for the national squads the second time around. The way that we see it – you get to work with fantastic coaches for double the time...making you a better player!

There are lots of acronyms in this section (we get confused sometimes!) so we have broken each programme down to try and make it a bit more reader friendly!

What is it?
It is a National Development Programme with the aim of further developing high level players so they have a better chance to be chosen for the U16 and U18 national squads.

Who is it for?
It is for players who are on the Regional Development Programme (RDP), who have worked through the training sessions and have competed in the Regional Development Tournament. Why these people you ask? Well this tournament is part of the process of allocating players into our national U16 and U18 squads. Once this has been done by our team of coaching experts, they then choose 20-25 more boys and girls who they think have a good chance of playing for England but need a little bit more development before their chance arises.

Who long does it run for?
It runs from October to June, so if you are successful onto the programme you can still be involved in our Regional Development Programme. You will have around 15 days of coaching in this time.

So how does it work?
So you’ve been on the RDP, you competed really well in the Regional Development Tournament and you’ve now been successfully put into this programme. You will have specialist coaching from some of the best in the country to improve your individual fundamental skills, your ability to work effectively in a team and you’ll also be given a taste of life on a national programme though international match experience and focus the highest level of skill.

How do I get from this programme onto a national squad?
Good question! Once you have completed the programme, you will then have a further Regional Development Programme to go through between May to September which will end up in you playing in the Regional Development Tournaments for a further year. Your extra knowledge, game experience and specialist coaching is likely to put you in a great position to enter the national squad.