Regional Development Programmes

One of the programmes in our performance pathway is our Regional Development Programme (RDP) which which is part of the process for national team selection. It is aimed at U13, U15 and U17 boys and girls.

It focuses on both individual skill and working within a team. It provides preparation in the run up to our Regional Development Tournaments (RDT). From the coaching and training you will receive in this programme, a squad for each age group of boys and girls is selected to play in the RDT’s – which is part of the criteria for national team selection. The coaching will be focussed on the areas of emphasis which coaches in our country work from to make sure we’re helping you be the best player we can – so hopefully you can go onto play at the highest level.

It’s for players in U13, U14, U15 category who have been through their regional selection process.

The programme runs from May-September and you will do 10-40 hours in this time.

It varies form region to region. Programmes in some regions are put on free of charge for players, and some regions charge a small nominal fee for players on the programme, but we do try to keep costs to a minimum. Contact your regional Performance Coaching Coordinator (PCC) for more details.

Each region will have its own way of doing this. The likelihood is your region will have county trials or a county tournament which will contribute to the selection process. Your Performance Coaching Coordinator (PCC), along with a Regional Management Committee will come together, look at everyone playing in your own region’s selection process and choose who will get on the programme for that year, and who is transferred back to their club for more development until the next round of selection.

To find out what format the selection process is in your region go to your club for more information. If they are unsure of the process they can speak to the PCC (see below for definition) or find their website.

There is a PCC in every region, and they are the person responsible for coach selection in your region so we make sure you have access to the best coaches to make you a better player. They also talk to all the clubs in the area and have a say in which players they think have potential and can go further into the performance pathway.

Initially each region selects a sqaud of about 24 players in each of the U13, U15 and U17 boys and girls categories. However this depends on skill level and the amount of people playing in each region. So it may be some regions have a few more than 24, and some a few less. Squads are trimmed to around 14 togo to the tournaments.

Your PCC and regional coaching team will assess all players on the programme and come to a decision on who will be taken to compete at the RDT. They base their decision on the areas of emphasis guidance document and the skills checklist.

At the end of this programme, 12 players out of the squad will be selected to play in the Regional Development Tournament. This is part of the selection process for the U16 and U18 national squads, and the U15 and U17 National Development Programme . Once you have been through this process, you will have developed and improved and can be involved in the process the next time your region holds selection for the programme.