Membership Portal Update

We appreciate that a number of members are currently trying to contact us. We are experiencing a very high volume of calls to our customer service desk regarding the new membership portal. Thank you for your patience if you are trying to call us, we do appreciate it.

If you need help completing your membership, please see our online guides HERE.

A number of internal staff, including our Customer Service Team, are working their way through member registrations in advance of this weekend's game. Any members and teams involved this weekend will be given priority.

Please be aware, only registered members with "FULL" on their licence card and a licence number code beginning with a "P" will be eligible to play this coming weekend.

If you need to contact us but your team is not involved in a game this weekend, please wait until Monday, October 7 and we will help you then. Equally, if you need to speak to us about a game that is taking place AFTER this coming weekend, please wait and contact us from Monday onward.

Officials should ensure their license has been fully verified and the licenses status isn’t still showing as ‘pending’. If your license is still showing as pending, please contact [email protected]

Club administrators are able to add players to their respective teams. If you require help with this process, please refer to page 7 of this guidance document.

Our phones lines are open from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am-4:30pm on Saturdays. We're trying to assist all our members as quickly as possible. In addition, we are bringing in extra staff to cope with the demand of calls.