JFFs 2021/22: All-star fives from across the weekend

With the dust now settling on the 2021/22 Jnr. NBL Final Fours, we take a look back at some of the best performances from last weekend.

All 24 games from across the two days were covered by live stats, allowing for a glance across some of the best efforts across the weekend.

We've pulled together All-star fives for each age group, with the MVP of each final being automatically selected into the line ups. There's also a selection of honourable mentions, highlighting top performances that didn't make the cut.

All stats below are averages across both games played. The abbreviations are as follows:

PPG = Points Per Game
RPG = Rebounds Per Game
APG = Assists Per Game
SPG = Steals Per Game
BPG = Blocks Per Game
TOPG = Turnovers Per Game
EPG = Efficiency Per Game

U14 Boys

Tejan Rugette - Richmond Knights (MVP)
38.5pPG, 13.5rpg, 2.5apg, 3.5spg, 31.5epg
Milo Murray - Richmond Knights
17.5ppg, 14.0rpg, 1.5apg, 2.0topg, 19.0epg
Oluwademilade Babalola - Manchester Magic
18.0ppg, 10.0rpg, 3.0spg, 22.5epg
Rafi Jalloh - Sussex Storm
29.0ppg, 16.5rpg, 4.0apg, 2.0bpg, 28.5epg
Jamaul McAllister - Sussex StorM
15.5ppg, 12.0rpg, 3apg, 3.5spg, 17.5epg

Tejan Rugette was a clear MVP in the U14s final and across the weekend as a whole.

The young shooter led all players with 38.5PPG, including 42 in the final as Richmond beat Manchester 68-60.

Rugette also led the category in steals (7) and overall average efficiency (31.5EPG).

He's joined by team mate Milo Murray, who dropped 17.5PPG and pulled down 14.0RPG on the way to a 19.0EPG. Murray also looked after the ball well, giving up just four turnovers across the weekend. 

Olu Babalola was the standout for second place Manchester, closing with 18.0PPG and 10.0RPG, plus an impressive six steals.

He led the way in Magic's memorable come-from-behind semi-final victory against Sussex, with the home town favourites fighting back from a 22 point third quarter deficit to win 89-80.

Storm may have finished fourth overall but it wasn't due to the form of Rafi Jalloh or Jamaul McAllister.

Jalloh led all players in rebounds (33), adding that haul to his 29.0PPG and a 28.5EPG, whilst McAllister (18.0PPG, 12.0RPG, 3.5SPG, 17.5EPG) also impressed.

Honourable mentions

Emilis Zibuda - Baltic Stars London
19.0PPG, 3.0RPG, 2.5SPG, 11.5EPG

Jack Walton - Manchester Magic
12.0PPG, 5.0RPG, 6.0APG, 11.5EPG

Richmond's Tejan Rugette goes to work against Baltic Stars London

U14 Girls

Irene Oboavwoduo - Manchester Mystics (MVP)
30.0PPG, 10.0RPG, 3.5APG, 25.5EPG
Maisie Keyes - Manchester Mystics
23.0PPG, 11.0RPG, 6.5APG, 3.0SPG, 34.5EPG
Neve Rugette - Richmond Knights
21.0PPG, 11.0RPG, 4.5APG, 1.5SPG, 24.0EPG
bade isik - richmond knights
14.5PPG, 4.5RPG, 3.0APG, 2.0SPG, 12.0EPG
Kyrah Johnson - Leicester Riders
16.0PPG, 8.0RPG, 2.0SPG, 14.0EPG

Irene Oboavwoduo was a worthy MVP after dropping 40 points in the U14 girls final, with Manchester easing past Richmond 90-75.

That performance coupled with a strong Saturday left the Mystics standout with a category-high of 30.0PPG across the weekend, adding 10.0RPG and 3.5APG for a final rating of 25.5EPG.

Manchester's Maisie Keyes led the U14 girls in a number of categories, quietly going about her business for two solid performances. She tallied 23.0PPG and 11.0RPG, plus highs in assists (6.5APG), steals (3.0SPG) and her efficiency of 34.5 led any player that took to the court in Manchester this weekend.

Neve Rugette and Bade Isik both stood out for runners up Richmond. Rugette closed with 21.0PPG, 11.0RPG, 4.5APG and 24.0EPG, whilst Isik (14.5PPG, 4.5RPG, 3.0APG, 2.0SPG, 12.0EPG) also played her part as the Knights picked up a silver medal.

Leicester's Kyrah Johnson rounds out the five off the back of a solid stat line that included 16.0PPG and 8.0RPG.

Johnson's spot was a close run thing with team mate Hanya Correia (18.5PPG, 11.5RPG, 7.5EPG), who also enjoyed a solid weekend that included a U14G-high of 23 rebounds, but her 13 turnovers hurt her overall efficiency.

Honourable mentions

Precious Goodwin - Richmond Knights
15.5PPG, 7.0RPG, 3.5APG, 2.0SPG, 2.5EPG

Hanya Correia - Leicester Riders
18.5PPG, 11.5RPG, 1.5SPG, 7.5EPG

Irene Oboavwoduo collecting her MVP award

U16 Boys

Matthew Goodwin - Manchester Magic (MVP)
28.0PPG, 5.0RPG, 4.5APG, 5.0SPG, 20.5EFF
Robbie Wild - Manchester Magic
16.5RPG, 6.0APG, 4.0SPG, 18.5EPG
enoch wangoy - manchester magic
13.0PPG, 12.5RPG, 3.0APG, 2.0SPG, 24.0EFF
Tijan Barrie - London Legends
18.5PPG, 9.5RPG, 2.0APG, 3.5BPG, 25.0EPG
Stanley Njekwe - Manchester Giants
19.0PPG, 10.5RPG, 5.0BPG, 24.5EPG

There's a trio of Magic standouts in the U16 Boys team after their 80-59 victory against London Legends.

MVP Matthew Goodwin had 16 points by the end of the first quarter on his way to a 40 point outing, eventually closing with a  category-high of 28.0PPG that included 10-23 from 3pt range.

Robbie Wild also used his long-range expertise to land a spot in the five, scoring 16.5PPG off the back of five triples across the weekend. He added an impressive 6.0APG, a stat only bettered by team mate Luca Lara-Sanchez (7.0APG).

Nobody controlled the glass better than Magic forward Enoch Wangoy, who closed with 12.5RPG. Adding in 13.0PPG plus a handy 3.0APG and 2.0SPG, he played an efficient (24.0EPG) and important role in Manchester's championship effort.

Runners up London Legends were led by Tijan Barrie, who had a weekend-best 25.0EPG in this category. The London man also added 18.5PPG to go with 9.5RPG and 3.5BPG.

Manchester Giants would eventually finish fourth but the performances of Stanley Njekwe shouldn't be overlooked.

The talented forward closed with a double-double of 19.0PPG and 10.5RPG, adding a stunning 5.0BPG for a final efficiency of 24.5 per outing.

Honourable mentions

Harry Godwin - Richmond Knights
20.5PPG, 5.0RPG, 4.0APG, 3.0SPG, 16.5EPG

Luca Lara-Sanchez - Manchester Magic
12.5PPG, 7.0APG, 5.0SPG, 16.5EPG

Aaron Pgunbjobi - Manchester Giants
11.5PPG, 12.0RPG, 16.0EPG

Matthew Goodwin celebrates another three pointer

U16 Girls

Rose Piskorska - Manchester Mystics (MVP)
14.5PPG, 10.0RPG, 4.0APG, 3.0SPG, 2.5BPG, 19.0EPG
Daisy Bryan - Manchester Mystics
4.0PPG, 6.5RPG, 2.0APG, 2.0SPG, 11.5EPG
Katie Cox - Richmond Knights
15.5PPG, 12.5RPG, 3.0APG, 4.0SPG, 11.5EPG
Louisa Gibbons - Bristol Academy Flyers
13.0PPG, 13.5RPG, 3.0APG, 2.5SPG, 1.5BPG, 14.0EPG
Felicia Jacobs - GCA Haringey Angels
20.0PPG, 12.5RPG, 2.0APG, 2.0SPG, 2.5BPG, 21.5EPG

Rose Piskorska deserved her MVP honours after playing a pair of well-rounded ball games across the weekend.

That was best highlighted by her Sunday antics in the 58-51 victory against Richmond, closing with eight points, 11 boards, six assists, four steals and three blocks.

Her 4.0APG through the weekend would eventually be a category-high, whilst her 19.0EPG was also one of the best.

Daisy Bryan may not have lit up the score board, but she did a lot of things right to enable the Mystics to seal a championship.

Scoring 4.0PPG, she also shot 3-3 in the final against Richmond, doing the dirty work on the boards (6.5RPG, including four offensive boards in the final) and on defence (2.0SPG, 1.0BPG) to help her team at both ends of the court.

Katie Cox couldn't pull her team over the line in Sunday's final, but she sure did try. Averaging an impressive 15.5PPG, 12.5RPG double-double, she had a U16G high of 4.0SPG as well.

Bristol came into the weekend proclaiming themselves as underdogs, but they still secured a well-earned third place finish.

Some of the credit for that should go to Louisa Gibbons, who pulled down a leading 13.5RPG to go with 13.0PPG, closing with 14.0EPG.

National Cup winners Haringey came up empty handed in both their games, but that didn't stop Felicia Jacobs from balling out. Her 20.0PPG and 21.5EPG were both highs, whilst her 12.5RPG were also an impressive effort.

Honourable mentions

Esther Kursite - Richmond Knights
9.0PPG, 9.5RPG, 13.0EPG

Alice Matthews - Bristol Academy Flyers
19.0PPG, 5.0RPG, 3.0SPG, 10.5EPG

Amba Thompson - Richmond Knights
14.5PPG, 4.0RPG, 3.5SPG, 9.0EFF

Manchester Mystics' Rose Piskorska

U18 Men

Jermaine Wilson-Tra - London Westside Rangers (MVP)
23.0PPG, 7.0RPG, 2.5APG, 4.0SPG, 20.0EPG
Hunter Kelleher - London Westside Rangers
16.5RPG, 9.5RPG, 4.0APG, 2.5SPG, 26.5EPG
Tyler Fairbairn - London Westside Rangers
13.0PPG, 10.0RPG, 17.0EPG
Ben Brown - Manchester Magic
21.0PPG, 3.0RPG, 1.5SPG, 17.EPG
Leslie Okafor - Team Solent Kestrels
19.0PPG, 9.5RPG, 20.5EPG

MVP Jermaine Wilson-Tra showed Manchester what he's all about in Sunday's 73-66 victory over Manchester.

His ability to get to the basket helped him lead all scorers in the competition with 23.0PPG, and his 4.0SPG were also a high.

The timing of his contributions were also key, especially his clutch basket late in the final's fourth quarter to halt Manchester's momentum and seal Westside the playoff title.

No player was more efficient in the competition than Hunter Kelleher. His 26.5EPG was based on 16.5PPG and 9.5RPG, shooting 14-26 across the two games to display his varied skill set.

Tyler Fairbairn makes it three picks for this year's winners, with the forward being the only U18M player this weekend to average a double-double (13.0PPG, 10.0RPG).

Ben Brown refused to go quietly in the final, pushing Westside all the way as he dropped an impressive 29 points. That effort allowed the Magic guard to close on 21.0PPG for the weekend, along with 17.0EPG.

Solent lost both their games by single digits, showing they more than belonged in the mix. Leslie Okafor certainly showed just that, with the talented forward averaging 19.0PPG, 9.5RPG and 20.5EPG.

Honourable mentions

Emmanuel Oyebadejo - Manchester Magic
9.0PPG, 7.0RPG, 13.0EPG

Max Coupe - City of London Academy
14.5PPG, 6.0RPG, 2.5SPG, 9.0EPG

Cooper Shannon - Team Solent Kestrels
11.5PPG, 5.0RPG, 6.5APG, 2.5SPG, 12.0EPG

Jermaine Wilson-Tra's ability to get to the basket was a big factor in Westside's win

U18 Women

Isi Ozzy-Momodu - City of London Academy (MVP)
19.5PPG, 15.0RPG, 3.0SPG, 2.0BPG, 31.0EPG
Molly Lavin - City of London Academy​
14.5PPG, 10.0RPG, 2.5APG, 1.5SPG, 24.0EPG
Olivia Forster - Ipswich
25.0PPG, 4.5RPG, 2.5APG, 1.5SPG, 9.0EPG
Tyra Phelan - Reading Rockets
12.0PPG, 3.5RPG, 2.5APG, 13.0EPG
Faye Endean - Team Solent Kestrels
21.5PPG, 9.0RPG, 5.5APG, 5.5SPG, 22.0EPG

Little more can be said at this point about CoLA's Isi Ozzy-Momodu.

She dominated in Manchester as she has all season long, collected accolades and titles along the way.

Her 15.0RPG was a high across any age group this weekend, not just U18W, and her 31.0EPG was also a category high.

Molly Lavin was unlucky not to nab a finals MVP award as she closed with a 17 point, 10 rebound double-double in just 19:03 of action.

Still, her 14.5PPG, 10.0RPG, 24.0EPG stat line shows just how well she played.

Ipswich's Olivia Forster unleashed an impressive 31 point outing to push her side into the final, though on Sunday she fell into foul trouble early and it limited her ability to contribute.

Still, the former Manchester product led all players with 25.0PPG as the volume scorer certainly showed what she can do when she gets hot.

Tyra Phelan helped Reading Rockets to a bronze medal, and her 12.0PPG, 3.5RPG, 2.5APG and 13.0EPG were all top-three marks for her side.

Faye Endean is another young player who continues to go from strength-to-strength. Her 21.5PPG, plus category-leading 5.5APG and 5.5SPG added up to a 22.0EPG, demonstrating how dominant she can be at this level.

Honourable mentions

Ana-Isabel Andersson - City of London Academy
9.0PPG, 6.0RPG, 3.0APG, 11.0EPG

Hannah Gray - Ipswich
11.5PPG, 5.5RPG, 2.0APG, 3.0SPG, 9.0EPG

Elia Ando - Reading Rockets
9.5PPG, 10.0RPG, 9.5EPG

Isi Ozzy-Momodu (left) with Molly Lavin (right)