New Disciplinary Code in place as 2022/23 season begins

As the new season gets underway, Basketball England would like to remind participants about the recently launched Disciplinary Code.

It is in place to help maintain high standards of behaviour with the aim of ensuring everyone involved in basketball can have a positive and enjoyable experience.

This means all allegations of discrimination or discriminatory language or behaviour will be overseen centrally by Basketball England, as well as any threatening or violent language or behaviour towards any match official.

The Disciplinary Code applies at all levels of the game and to all participants. Even if an incident occurs at a training session or online you can still report it to us.

There’s information on how the Disciplinary Code might impact you and what the process looks like here, and if you have anything to report, click here.

As well as introducing a robust discipline process, minimum sanctions and general sanction guidelines have been introduced – have a look here to see what sanction to expect if a case is proven.

To help improve transparency and confidence in the disciplinary process we will be publishing outcomes of serious cases. You’ll be able to find these here as well as the Publication Policy that underpins this.

Finally, to support the roll out of the Disciplinary Code, we have some opportunities available for you to get involved. We’re recruiting for Discipline Panel Members and Discipline Review Group members.

Discipline Panel Members will form Disciplinary Commissions to decide the outcome of cases. You’ll need to be able to implement the processes and procedures outlined in the Disciplinary Code and objectively review evidence in order to make reasonable and reasoned decisions.

Discipline Review Group members will form a group that will be constructively critical and forward-looking, helping us to continually review and improve our disciplinary processes. This group will review outcomes of cases in order to propose amendments and developments to ensure we are improving and resolving any oversights within our disciplinary processes.

To find out more about these roles and how to apply, please use the button below.


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