NBL: TV host Maya Jama helps Bristol club in their hour of need

A basketball coach has been moved to tears after TV host Maya Jama gifted his team Bristol Storm a new minibus.

The Love Island presenter, who is from Bristol and whose younger brother plays for Storm, donated £56,000 after the club's old minibus failed its MOT, leaving them without a means of transport ahead of the upcoming season.

Jama contacted club coach David Senart offering to help after her brother, who plays for the under-16s, explained Storm's plight. She previously attended an awards ceremony for the club, who field teams from under-12s to adults.

"She’s a lovely person. When she said she wanted to buy us a new minibus, I cried!" said Senart.

"She saw the importance of what we’re doing and the impact on these kids’ lives. It's something that we would never be able to do on our own."

Jama (front, centre) and Senart (back row, centre) - David Senart

Senart had originally decided to approach her to help with publicity for their awards night.

"I just wanted to get a bit of attention for the club, there was no intention at all to get anything from her.

"It was all her idea. We're ever so grateful and it's made such an impact," he added.

The club's previous minibus was purchased second-hand, meaning it was old and had recently failed its MOT. Senart said he had looked at fundraising for a new one as many of the parents whose children attend the club don't drive.

"We don't have any funding and rely on the kids who play monthly for the club," he said.

"Fortunately Maya came in and saved us."

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Main image credit - David Senart