Safeguarding: New policy updates ahead of 2023/24

The Basketball England Safeguarding Policy has been updated as the organisation continues to strive to make the sport as safe as possible.

Children’s welfare continues to be of paramount importance and safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone.

The latest update to the Safeguarding Policy centre around the following areas:

  • A further commitment to addressing low level concerns across the organisation. This has been developed to increase understanding of low-level concerns, neutral reporting and the necessity of completing an incident log.
  • A further reinforcement that all Basketball affiliates must report all concerns.
  • Updated 'Positions of Trust' information around sports coaches.
  • Types of Abuse now includes child-on-child abuse.
  • Escalation guidance also provided if a person raising a concern is dissatisfied with a response received.

Basketball England’s Safeguarding and Compliance Manager Laura Middleton said:

"It remains of vital importance that everyone who participates in our sport does so in a safe environment and Basketball England continues to place the highest level of importance on achieving this.

“As part of that aim, BE has approved these latest updates to our Safeguarding Policy, providing further emphasis and clarity across the sport.

"We have a strong recent record for good practice in this area and we believe that these changes will help us to continue to strive to be ever more robust in protecting children and adults at risk."

BE has maintained a close working relationship with the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU), NSPCC and the Ann Craft Trust to develop and maintain robust policies and procedures to safeguard children and adults at risk, achieving the NSPCC & CPSU's National Advanced Standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport.

Our Safeguarding Policy, Adults at Risk Policy & Regulations set out the key principles that our organisation adheres to as well as providing best practice guidance. We also have guidance for our clubs, parents, players, staff and welfare officers.

All members should read the revised new policy using the button below. Affiliated organisations, including clubs and leagues should update policies in line with the changes. If you have any queries, please email [email protected].


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