Club Matters & Clubmark

Club Matters is Sport England’s new, one-stop-shop of support, learning and guidance for your club! Club Matters tools provide you with support, learning and guidance on all parts of running your club whether it is large, small, formal or informal, established or you are looking to start from scratch. Here's what it offers:

  • It’s convenient
  • It’s free of charge
  • It can help you attract and retain members
  • It will help you understand your club and members
  • It will help you to build a sustainable club
  • It will help you to improve and develop your skills

All of this through:

  • Online support
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Club Improvement Plan
  • Club Views
  • Clubmark

For more information, please visit the Club Matters website here.

Clubmark Update

Thank you for your interest in Clubmark; the following update sets out what has happened during the last 2 years and our Clubmark plans for basketball in the future.

We also thank you for your patience throughout the process that has taken much longer than anticipated.

Why did the Clubmark criteria need to change?

In 2014, along with Sport England, we undertook a revision of Clubmark criteria.

The findings of the Sport England evaluation highlighted that the principles of Clubmark are still appropriate and that the scheme does not need to be drastically re-developed or overhauled.  It did, however, confirm that the scheme needed to be reviewed and updated.

The basketball elements of Clubmark had a large focus on the number of members a Club had, revised criteria will change to reflect current business needs.

There will be no Basketball England star accreditations moving forward.  Clubs that achieve Clubmark will be following best practise.

How it was decided what would change within the Clubmark criteria?

Consultation events with stakeholders and national partners took place in July 2015 around England (London, Loughborough, and Leeds) where discussions took place about how the criteria should be updated. Stakeholders at these events included NGBs, CSPs, LAs, and national partners (e.g. Women in Sport, Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU), Sport Coach UK, StreetGames and English Federation for Disability Sports).

What happened to the criteria following the consultation events?

Feedback from the consultation events was collated and the criteria was then redrafted based on feedback and submission of comments. The updated criteria was then shared with stakeholders who were given an opportunity to provide feedback on the updates.

Discussions were then held with feedback providers, and the criteria was updated a final time (September/October 2015)

Basketball England’s specific criteria will compliment Sport England’s baseline Clubmark.  This will be published in due course

Why has it taken so long to review Clubmark?

Clubmark has been in place for over 10 years and is the only cross-sport accreditation scheme, which has led it to becoming a detailed and comprehensive scheme. It was therefore important that it wasn’t just the criteria and license being reviewed but also the data and systems supporting the scheme. This took longer than expected, but means all interested parties are now able to make the most of the new scheme when it comes into place.

How has the Clubmark criteria changed?

The criteria for Clubmark has been updated by:

  • Reflecting the most recent legislative changes around safeguarding and welfare.
  • Incorporating feedback to tighten up the criteria and make elements more specific, promoting a level of standardisation across the scheme.
  • Aligning the scheme to better support increasing participation in sport and providing a safe and inclusive environment.

Assessor Training

Sport England will take Basketball England’s appointed assessors through assessor training during Summer and Autumn 2016.  On completion, Basketball England will be licensed and will then be able to take Clubs through the Clubmark accreditation process.

When will Basketball England be ready to roll out Clubmark?

It is anticipated that this will be in place by Autumn 2016.

Will there be any other changes?

Yes, Clubs will be able to evidence criteria in a number of ways; face to face through Club visits, over the telephone and through uploading documents via the Club Matters site. A step-by-step process will be shared with Clubs when we are ready to proceed.

The days of the Clubmark file sitting on a shelf are gone and the new system will help Clubs to update and submit evidence easily and regularly, so it shouldn’t feel it’s forgotten about once a Club has passed the accreditation. Annual health checks will take place.

Accreditation will last for 3 years rather than for 4 years as before.

What can Clubs do in the meantime?

Club Matters is the one-stop-shop for information for Clubs. There is a wealth of information on the Club Matters site that can help Basketball England affiliated Clubs to become Clubmark accredited.

Keeping everyone safe in basketball...

... is really important to us as well as everyone being able to take part in basketball that is fun and welcoming. Please ensure that your Clubs knows what Safeguarding measures should be in place – all information in relation to safeguarding can be found here.

Other ways you can help Basketball

We are very keen to improve Basketball England's understanding of player, coach, club, referee and officials needs and the opportunities for more and better schools basketball.

During the summer we will be writing to all customers of Basketball England and giving everyone the opportunity to identify their current and future needs. This will help the sport enormously as we can create better plans based on your feedback to deliver services and new development opportunities that should help you and help us increase participation and grow the sport. It will also help develop more and better talent and help to grow the infrastructure of facilities and people to drive basketball forward. A planned approach will also give us a better chance of attracting more resources for the sport. 

We will welcome your responses to our questions through the surveys that will be shared during the summer.  We thank you for your continued support of basketball.