This section of our website has been designed and created to provide players, parents, coaches and clubs guidance and advice on selecting the best route to take post-18, whether this be through the UK University or US collegiate route. We will soon be adding additional sections to provide information on other avenues to explore, including European opportunities.

Given the complex, multifaceted and optional nature of post-18 opportunities, Basketball England does not preference one route over another. However, our aim is to ensure ‘Informed Choices’ are made by players/parents in relation to following a route that will be beneficial and maximises the opportunity for our players from an education, basketball and life ambition perspective.

The educational materials and resources have been created following a 2020 research project that we undertook alongside TASS (Talented Athlete Support Scheme) where we explored the motivations, perceptions and experiences of players/parents who were considering, currently undertaking or who have gone through the UK & US development systems.

The full research project paper can be viewed here; however, we have broken this down into three sections below which include:

  • A detailed list of UK Universities that offer performance basketball programmes – this includes details of scholarships that are available.
  • Information and guidance on the US Collegiate system including:
    • The difference between the US/UK routes.
    • Guidance on the steps to take when exploring US collegiate options.
    • Recruitment advice and guidance.
    • Decision making support and the questions you should ask.
    • Guidance on the use of agents and scouting services.
  • FAQ’s – Addressing and dispelling some of the most common myths that exist to ensure the right decision is made.

If you require further information or support from one of our Talent team please email [email protected]

Click the links below for an overview of the UK University and US collegiate systems: