A number of questions have been listed below, and we’ll continue to add more information as common questions are asked or new information comes to light.

If there is a FAQ that you would like to see or a section within this page that doesn't answer your questions, please contact [email protected] and a member of the Talent team will be able to assist. 

Q. What options exist in the UK? +

A. Please refer to the UK universities section which details UK Universities that offer performance basketball programmes – this includes details of scholarships that are available.

Q. Is the US Collegiate system the best route to take to become a professional basketball player? +

A. It is one of many routes that you can take. We have players in our current GB Mens and Womens squads who developed through the UK, US and European routes and who are now playing professionally.

Q. Who can support me in gaining a US scholarship? +

A. The resources in this section of our website have been created to support players and parents who have decided to take the US route.

There are many companies, agents and scouting services that can provide help and support in this area. They will however charge you for their services. Please ensure that you research the company, speak to people that have used them previously and understand fully the commitment you are making before signing up and parting with money.

Additionally, a number of academy staff have extensive experience sending players to US programmes. Having in-depth conversations with both them and players that have been previously would be advantageous.