Sport England's Movement Fund aims to help grassroots sport

Sport England recently launched the Movement Fund, aimed at investing into thousands of grassroots and physical activity projects.

The four year, £160m fund is now open, with clubs and projects able to apply for a grant of up to £15,000.

The Movement Fund’s core objective will be to tackle inequalities in sport and help Sport England achieve the implementation stage of their Uniting the Movement strategy.

Links on how to apply and further information are available at the foot of this article.

Uniting the Movement strategy

The Movement Fund will prioritise those best placed to deliver the Uniting the Movement strategy.

The Uniting the Movement Strategy is Sport England’s long-term strategy advocating for movement, sport, and physical activity. The strategy aims to make physical activity a normal part of life for everyone in England, regardless of who you are.

Basketball is in a strong position to support the roll out of the Movement Fund.

We have developed a range of programmes and initiatives which are aligned and fit within the criteria for the Movement Fund:

Slam Jam

Slam Jam is our new entry level programs for boys and girls aged 7-11 years old, the program aims to provide kids with a great first touch point with the sport.

Funding can assist clubs in running the program through support with purchasing the modified equipment, facility hire, publicity and promotion, coaching costs, and subsidising participant costs.

Slam Jam presents a great opportunity for your club to apply for a grant to put more money into grassroots sports.

For more information on Slam Jam visit: Slam Jam | Basketball England


The Movement Fund is all about providing more and alternative ways to be active. Enter 3x3 basketball – a simple and flexible format that can be played almost anywhere by anybody.

We have recently launched our 3x3 player pathway, and this fund could provide the opportunity for your club to fund equipment costs, coaching and officiating fees and facility hire; opening the door for your club to be involved in this exciting format of our game.

Women & Girls Programmes

Female participation in sport is a shared goal of Sport England, Basketball England and so many of our member clubs.

Funding applications could be used for Women & Girls Initiatives, such as a girls only Slam Jam programmes, a women’s’ social basketball programme or to develop female teams in local or national competitions.

Coaching and Officiating Courses

We have developed a range of courses and content over the past 18 months to put us in a position where we can use this funding to recruit and educate our next generation of coaches and officials.

Grants could be utilised to run a course in your local area or to subsidise the course costs of members of your club getting new or further qualifications.

Important information

Currently, there are deep rooted inequalities in sport and physical activity, meaning there are people who feel they are excluded from being active.

Through the development of the Uniting the Movement Strategy, research indicated people from four areas have less opportunities to be active: 

  • If you are in a lower socio-economic group (NS-SEC 6-8), you are more likely to be inactive than people in higher social groups.
  • Women are less active than men, and this gender gap starts with girls being less active from a very young age. 
  • Disabled people and people with a long-term health condition are twice as likely to be physically inactive than those without a disability or health condition.
  • People from Asian and Black backgrounds are far more likely to be physically inactive than people who are White – a fact reinforced by the 2020 ‘Sport for All?’ report

Tackling these inequalities is at the heart of the Uniting the Movement Strategy.

Grants over £10,000

It is important to note that to receive a funding grant exceeding £10,000, your club needs to meet all the requirements that form part of the Sport England ‘Code for Sport Governance – Tier 1’.

The code identifies eight mandatory requirements that clubs must show to evidence they have the systems and governance in place to use major funding grants effectively.  

More information on the code can be found at Funding | Basketball England, with resources readily available to support your club in meeting the code.


For a step by step guide on how to make an application, click the button below.

We are here to help and can provide hands on support in developing your application, provide letters of support or help you to develop your programme's budget.

If you need any more information or you are interested in making an application, you can also use the button below to contact our Club and Volunteer Development Manager, Nick Holloway.