Basketball is a fast sport played at professional, semi-professional and amateur level by athletic players. In such a sport situations will naturally arise that will require debate and disciplinary decisions. Basketball England’s disciplinary system is there to support and protect all participants within the sport.

The following documents are of use if you are trying to understand the disciplinary process within the National League or if you are involved in it. Click on the title of the document to download it.

Guidance Document

A thorough overview of the NBL disciplinary process. Includes explanation, timelines, examples and more.

Club Report Form

If one of the members of your club is involved in a disciplinary incident, the club and player will be provided with the opportunity to respond. You can use this form when writing your response.

Officials Report Form

If you are an official involved in a disciplinary incident, you will need to report this to Basketball England after a game. This must be done before Monday at 12pm for games on a Saturday and Tuesday at 12pm following a game om a Sunday.

Table Officials Witness Report Form

If you are at a game and witness an event that could give rise to a disciplinary, it is good practice to report this to Basketball England. You can use the form above to do this.