Huge summer of 3x3 to celebrate anniversary of Birmingham 2022 success

We are all set for another massive summer of 3x3.

There will be a celebration of the one-year anniversary of Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, where Team England won 3x3 gold and silver on a triumphant night for home-grown basketball. 

That will be marked by a special stop on the JD Ball Out 3x3 Tour, while there will be a host of other events happening across the nation supported by Basketball England.  

See below for all the 3x3 events happening across England.

Let us know if you are running a 3x3 tournament this summer by @bballengland in your social posts. 

3x3 Legacy Events 

To support the growth and development of 3x3 basketball across England, BE has been distributing 3x3 Legacy Fund Activation Packages across the West Midlands and the rest of England for clubs and organisations to host their own 3x3 tournaments.  

Below are the dates of some of the tournaments being held across the country. Where there's a link, the tournament is open to junior and/or senior players - contact the event organiser for full details.


Bishop Stortford Vikings 

  • 2 June 

Leicester Dynamite 

  • 10 June
  • 17 June
  • 24 June 

Kent Crusaders 

  • 10 June 

Registration: Kent Crusaders Basketball Club

Basketball Northants  

  • 16 June 

Britannia Youth Organisation 

  • 17 June
  • 24 June

Registration: Contact Britannia Youth Organisation

Grimsby Phoenix Basketball Club 

  • 25 June (Under 12s) 
  • 2 July (Under 14s)  
  • 9 July (Under 18s)  
  • 16 July (Under 16s)  

Norfolk Hoopstars  

  • 26-30 June: 3x3 Series (Hoopstars' Hubs sessions) 
  • 2 July: Norfolk Hoopstars 3x3 Tournament (club players only) 
  • 2 September: Norfolk Hoopstars 3x3 Tournament Finals (open to Hoopstars’ members and the public) 

Registration: Contact Norfolk Hoopstars

Tamworth Tigers

  • 16 July: Youth Legacy 3x3 Tournament 
  • 30 July: Junior Legacy 3x3 Tournament 

Registration: Contact Tamworth Tigers

Bournemouth 7s 

3x3 basketball has been included for the first time in this year’s Bournemouth 7s Festival sports programme, thanks to a new partnership between the organisers and Basketball England.   

  • 26-28 May

Register: Sold out

Bridport 3x3  

The south coast’s annual premier 3x3 tournament, featuring both senior and junior competitions.  

  • 29-30 July


GG3x3 Summer Tournament 

Driving positive social change with 3x3 basketball, the GG3x3 is the UK’s largest not-for-profit platform dedicated to inspiring people to play and connect through the game of 3x3 basketball.  

  • 6 August, The Blue Cage Courts, London

JD Ball Out 3x3 National Tour  

With a new headline sponsor in JD, the dates, and locations for the latest instalment of Ball Out 3x3 have been announced:  

Qualifying dates 

  • 22/23 July – Finsbury Park, London 
  • 29/30 July – Smithfield, Birmingham 
  • 5 August – Writtle University College, Essex 
  • 6 August – National Basketball Performance Centre, Manchester 


  • 12/13 August - Finsbury Park, London

3x3 Webinar – Coaching with Julius Joseph 

Exclusively for BE members, CEO and founder of Ball Out 3x3 and mastermind behind England men’s 3x3 Commonwealth Games gold Julius Joseph is hosting a free webinar with Basketball England for those coaches and basketball fans who want to learn more about the format, coaching 3x3 and soaking up JJ’s experience in the game.  

  • 30 May – 19:00-20:00



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